Koki beans is a pudding made with black eyed peas. One of those vegetarian cuisines which is hard to resist . 

It taste very delicious. It can be serve with ripe boiled plantains , boiled casava sticks, boiled taro , yam or any chewable root vegetable starch.

 In Cameroon all regions and tribes  are familia with koki beans . And its cooked in different ways . 

We have another version koki called ” mai mai ” what the Nigerians call “moi moi ” We bake or steam our mai mai in aluminium bowls. 

In a large quantity of water in a bowl suck your black eyed peas for 6 hours or overnight. You can crack with blender before sucking for easy peeling or suck before cracking for easy washing . 
Remove the grains by washing with water and seive propely . When clean, blend your black eyed peas. Modernity has made it easy gor us to achieve that spongyness and fluffy koki . Use hand mixer to whisk your dough for 5 mins before seasoning .Heat your palm oil and prepare your banana  leaves or alluminium foil for the wrapping or tieing process. Incase you are using banana leaves, make sure you warm them up or suck them in warm water to ease tieing. Cut your leave in squares. 
Pour some semi warm palm oil into your koki paste and season your koki with salt and maggi . Taste if seasoning is ok . Add chilli if you love spicy. Mix properly so that your koki pudding will will be homogeneous in color . Add the rest of water and mix again, the dough should be fluid as a cream then add your well washed vegetable leaves. 
Prepare your pot for steaming. You can use stones to suspend your pudding so that it gets just the heat without being in contact with water under the pot. We can steam using different methods. Bake or steam for 1h or more under medium heat . Serve with cassava sticks or boiled ripe plantains.

Prep time 30-45 mins 

Cooking time: 1h 15 mins 

Total time: 2 hours.

  1. 3 cups of black – eyed peas
  2. 1/2 cup of palm oil 
  3. 2 cups of water
  4. 1 teaspiib salt
  5. Pepper (very optional)
  6. Taro leaves ( optional ) you can use any other preferable vegetable like kale and spinach. Its your choice.
  7. Onion ( optiobal ) i dobt like onion in my koki 
  8. White pepper.

Please click here to watch full video recipe. Like , share and subscribe. Enjoy!    

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