Cameroon is the only Country in West Africa that has taken pumkin seeds aka Egusi  to a unique level of transforming it to a delicious savory pudding called egusi pudding.
When a fan of my youtube channel  requested this recipe early this week , i realized i wasn’t the only one craving this “good ‘old days” comfort dish!

I still  have fond memories of having egusi pudding and bobolo for lunch in my childhiod days.  Sometimes egusi was just a side dish for achu (don’t miss out my up coming achu recipe) Egusi is always available in our local markets back home. For decades Africans have been using egusi to cook veey delicious soups.
  I suppose this is because we have got a very good method of preserving them and that is the drying method. It can last in the markets for 12 months and still taste good.

Its funny how i haven’t had this dish for many years and also wonder why it isn’t popular in the western world . Melon seeds are expensive abroad and even rare. These days the African shops have got some but not cheap. I often see melon seeds in African shops in my area cabulture and Morooka in Australia. In France I used to buy them at chateau rouge and in Belgium in Matongue. These are places in Europe were we have huge African markets.
Egusi is very healthy but high in calories. So it’s good to eat just a slice or two . Its very high in minerals has alot of calcium and magnesium . A serving of 100 g equals 65% of magnesium. 26 % of potasium.
Egusi pudding can be eaten or accompanied with boiled plantains, casava, yams, bobolo and miondo you name it ….


  1. 4 cups of Egusi
  2. 1 small bowl of boiled pork you can use smoked chicken or turkey, smoked meat or fish or even stock fish
  3. 1 grind scotch bonnet pepper
  4. 1 teaspoon salt
  5. 3 boiled eggs
  6. 1/4 cup of grind crayfish
  7. 2 cups of pork stock
  8. 2 bouillon cubes



  •  Pour 4 cups fine grind egusi in a mixing bowl
  • Add 2 cups of pork (stock optional )you can use stock fish, smoked fish, smiked meat and much more. its just a matter of choice.
  • Add cube stock, salt white perper
  •  Add crayfish and stir properly. Crayfish is so important in egusi pudding . It gives it a very delicious taste.

Tie / wrap in banana  leaves or alluminium foil.

– Steam for one hour. But try to check water every 5 – 10 mins .

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