DINNER IDEA ( What i had for dinner today )

I looked around my kitchen at 5 pm today and i just figured out immidiately how i could put together the little things i have in my kitchen and make a delicious meal . I had some black sweet grapes in my fridge and some very green salad and cocumber and some very delicious feta cheese. I grasp my salad and soak it in cold water for 15 mins and rince properly and set aside. I washed my grapes and cocumber and diced them,  my feta cheese, i diced in cubes . I put all these together and voila!!!!

Then i started thinking of what to accompany this green goodness. My glance cought the sweet potatoes i bought couples of days ago. Yomi told me in church this morning that her own sweet potaties were as sweet as those we used to eat in Africa . I washed mine properly and steam them. I quickly marinated my chicken and set aside. A crunchy chicken like that if KFC was in my mind.  Why ! because i know the kids will savour it without me shouting ” please eat your food girls” As those thoughts ran through my mind, i grasp my bread crumbs and crack two eggs immidiately while my chicken drumsticks  were in the fridge absorbing all the nice marinated ingredients rubbed on it. It took me no time to put everything together.  And this is the result ;

I sliced an orange to grace this delicious goodness of a dinner .

This is my plate. I used French salad dressing to marinate my salad.
Let me explain to you how I saviur this goodness. My tough reached my fork as my left hand facilitated the action. As my teeth grasp the salad leaves. It just melted in my tough immidiately as my teeth couldn’t wait to crush those leaves in a second. My throat couldn’t wait to receive them and push them down my stomach. Gracious me !!!


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