It is summer time. Places are actually very hot. A delicious cold cheesecake will make a wonderful treat or desert.

This delicious goodness is one of a kind, its fluffiness and silkiness makes it so special. I graced the top with some zeelicious ripe mangoes.  Yeah ! Its mango season in Australia, we are having very frsh mangoes in the shops.

I artistically used the sliced mangoes to create a rosy topping of my mango cheesecake. My girls love mangoes to bits. This mango cheesecake served as a desert for us. I can’t wait to make a cherry cheese cake. It’s cherry season here.


  1. 4 ripe mangoes
  2. 2 pkts of philadelphia cheese
  3. 600 g of thickened cream
  4. 250 g of digestive biscuits
  5. 100 g of unsalted butter
  6. 1 tablespoon vanilla essence
  7. 1 pkt of gellatin
  8. 1 tablespoon lemon zest

Arthur; Annuchka Queen

Served 12

Prep time =35 mins

Frige  time = 6 hrs – overnight


  • Peel and slice all mangoes and blend one of them and keep the pulp for the topping, and the sliced ones foe the decorative tipping.
  •  Crush and mix digestive biscuits with melted butter to make the base. Place into cake tin and refrigirate to settle while making the mixture.
  • Springkle gellatin into 1/4 cup of water and keep to dissolve in hot water.
  • With the use of a  hand mixer, mix philadelphia cheese until smooth and fluffy.
  • Mix whipped cream for 2-3 mins and combined with phil cheese mixture.
  • Add melted white chocolate and stir. Melt your white chocolate chips in warm water. Or in microwave. You can use condensed milk instead of white chocolate.
  • Pour into your mixture gellatin and mango pulp and stir again.
  • Pour in a spring form cake pan. Spread some mango pulp mixed with gelatin at the top and keep in the fridge for 24 hours to set. I usually keep mine overnight to set .
  • Remove from fridge the following day and decorate the top  with fresh mangoes. I usually peel the rest of my mangies the next day.

Please try this recipe and tell me how yours turned out .

Click to this link and watch full video  of this recipe


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