Food is my blogging niche 

A food blogger and publisher , I develop different African and diasporian recipes, a food photographer . I take pics of food everyday and post on my website, YouTube channel, switter, Instagram and my Facebook page.   I also edit videos videos and create short documentaries for my other channel.

I was in a birthday party in the Sunshine coast a lady was surprised and couldn’t understand why l cook ,blog and create videos. I smiled !. Its more than just blogging , creating videos and cooking online. She still didnt get it. She couldn’t understand. She is from west Africa. Yeah! l am well traveled and see beyond my nose. Only few will understand. I am I love with my passion head over heals. I am artsy too for those who have known me for not less than 10 years.

Pinterest carries a lot more of my beautiful pics and when you click them it takes you straight to my blog. I got most of my fans on YouTube.

Disclaimer : I have a masters degree in journalism  as a tv and film  producer from the st Petersburg States University. No formal education in food, photography and website management. But while at uni l learned to edit  movies and produce movies and news broadcasting too.  Everything additional is from my own personal quest for knowledge and experiences. Besides that i have been an educator for a long time accross France (Paris)and accross pacific ocean.

2016 has been a whirlwind. I was carried away with many life changes. I started blogging after creating my youtube channel in October 2017 which overwhelmed my fans , and people were so inlove with my cooking skills and cuisines , they were asking for written  recipes . I then thought of creating a blog. My youtube channel started growing like wild fire. Absolute strangers wanted to see more of my cuisines and were supporting me in all angels more than most of the people l know. Most of my acquantances became speechless. I got youtube applauses accrosses the world from all angels via youtube comments . My fishroll recipe went viral. Few more of my recipes went viral. That’s how I grow my channel in less than 6 months.

Yes l know l am irreplaceable and stand out from others in so many ways . I have got the hands and brains of an artist who can touch and transform just anything. I dont only touch and transform objects i touch hearts an well. I know people like me are not common to find .

Unfortunately, I am a very busy person. I just try to do all these things but my time is so limited because l have other engagements and obligations.

Some people will never understand were my gift is caming from. It’s  from God. I am a strong believer of the most high and live by his peinciples and by his words. Its hard to live in a world full of trails and temptations full of envy and evil but when you put God first no weapon can be fashioned against you and prosper.

When i created my blog everyone who knows me were just visiting to see what l have new in my kitchen . I then gathered alot of traffic. Its amazing. I improve the quality of my stuffs everyday.

My food blog is a hobby to me. It’s not my work. I also create documentaries. I have got youtube channels and a viral page called ” The Africa we dont see on tv”

I wouldnt have been here writing about my hobbies if not of your supports.

I connect alot with readers that is one thing l enjoy about blogging.

I upgrade my recipes from time to time. I keep testing and inproving until l have the best result.Thats my recipe development skills .

My friends come around to taste some of my cuisines. I have wonderful friends . Friendship is one of my greatest gift from God. I have got some few great friends that have been there for me in all weather.

I work really hard to keep my content engaging. Good photography skills is very important. I must keep my content flowing and comprehendible. My gift of consistency keeps all my stuffs going smoothly.

This year , l will include lifestyle in my content to spice it up. Did i tell you I love home decor hmmmm thats my other hidden niche.

Projecting the African culinary culture will be my next move on a different dimension which you will soon discover.

Some people ask me where my energy and faith are from . Of ourse God. Be an unstopable lady and walk that work with God by your side. Bless you all

Thanks so much

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