Popsicles are frozen treats made with fruits,  water or fruit juice. It is a very refreshing and appetizing  summer treat. Nothing taste better than this on a very hot summer day. 

Kids just love ice pops. Growing up in Africa we called this pops Alaska. In sub- saharan Africa it”s always very hot during the day and we cool down with ice pops.

This recipe is a healthy one, very basic and easy home made treat. I customised this recipe by tucking in my favorite seasonal fruits into the ice pops and pour in my favorite limonade juice.

Author: Annuchka Queen

Prep time : 10 mins 

Freeze time: 6 hours 

Total time 6h 10 mins 


  1. Fruit juice 
  2. Seasonal fruits 


  • I diced my favourite season fruits; strewberries, kiwis, blueberies, watermelon , mandarine and arange
  • Tuck them inside the pop cups and pour lemonade inside and keep in the freezer 
  • I should have used a wooden craft stock nut my pop cups have plastic sticks. 
  • Allow to freeze from  4 –  6 hours and serve 

Watch full video here 


Stay tune for my next recipe 

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  1. mistimaan says:

    So yum it is 🙂


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