Weet-bix Chocolate Slice Recipe

These chocolate slices are crunchy, simple , tasty and good fun, we all made these together with the kids. I call these biscuits granny Sues biscuits. 

It was fun to visit my Aussie granny Sue in the Sunshine Coast. Granny Sue makes the best biscuits ever and i have learned a lot from her recipes these past years. We made these delicious goodness together. She has revealed  to me some of her biscuits secrets and today i am sharing with you all. Sharing is caring. Isn’t that awesome! Yeah because i care. 

Author: Annuchka Queen

Prep time: 15 mins 

Cook time 15 mins 

Total time  30 mins 

Yield: 15 


  1. 1 cup of coconut
  2. 1 cup of crushed weet-bix
  3. 1 cup of self raising flour
  4. 1/2 cup of brown sugar 
  5. 1 desert spoon of cocoa 
  6. 150 g of unsalted butter
  7. 1 tbsp golden syrop


  1. 1 Cup of icing sugar 
  2. 20 g o f unsalted butter
  3. Hot water but not boiling point
  4. Coconut for toppings 


  1. Preheat the ovèn 160C
  2. In a bowl mix all the dry ingredients (coconut,crushed weet-bix, flour, brown sugar, and cocao)

  1. In a pot melt butter butter and golden syrop and allow to cold.

  1. Pour into dry ingredients and mix properly

  1. Press into your slice tray baking paper

  1. Bake in preheated oven for 12-15 mins ubtil firm to touch.
  2. While its cooking do your icing. 


  1. In a bowl mix icing sugar, cocoa, butter and small hot water (desert spoon of water)

  1. Take the slice from the oven and let it cold down for 2 mins
  2. Spread the icing over it and sprinkle with coconut and let it cold down for 15 mins.

  1. Slice and serve 


Please click to the link below and watch full video of this recipe. And please dont forget to subscribe. 


Enjoy  !!!
Stay tune for my next video 

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  1. mistimaan says:

    So yummy


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