Poulet DG Recipe

Cameroonian Poulet DG is among the nation’s favourite dishes due to it variety  of vegetables spicy and tasty flavour and the fried crunchy chicken and ripe plantains garnished into a delicious tomato source.

This chicken spicy vegetable source is rich with aromatic tropical spices , peppers / capsicums of different colours, herbanero pepper, ginger, garlic abd onion to give it that unforgettable  taste.

This dish originated from the littoral region of Cameroon and spread through out the country like wild grass due to it’s delicious taste and  colourful nature. It appellation  is also very unique and special.

For people travelling to Cameroon from another Country, if you are looking for a delicious lunch or dinner, then ask for poulet DG in Cameroonian restaurants. You will easily find them well served in major Cameroonian city restaurants.

Every Cameroonian ripe plantains lover is crazy about this dish, It is served with fresh French baguette

A little insight about this dish:  DG is a French abreviation of director general or general director as translated in English. “POULET” means chicken in English. Its a French word. This dish is regarded in a very high esteem in Cameroon. So it’s the dish of big bosses as the name reveiled. Well , thats just a big joke or a myth because everyone of any societal class cooks and eats this dish it’s not only for the DG,CEOS or big bosses.

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Author: Annuchka Queen

Prep time: 15 mins

Cook time : 20 mins

Total time: 35 mins

Yield : 5


  1. 1 Chicken
  2. 2 tablespoons blended ginger
  3. 2 tablespoons blended garlic
  4. 2 celery celery sticks
  5. 2 diced Onion
  6. White pepper
  7. 3 ripe diced ripe plantains
  8. 2 cups of diced green beans
  9. 3 diced carrots
  10. Fresh tomatoes 4
  11. Capsicums ; 1 green ,1 yellow and 1 red
  12. Salt to taste
  13. Stock cubes
  14. Vegetable oil for frying.
  15. Herbanero pepper  (optional)


  • Marinate your chicken with blended celery, ginger , garlic white pepper stock and salt to taste.
  • Par boil your chicken or keep in the fridge for 30 mins before your fry. Incase you par boiled your chicken extract stock and keep aside Deep fry your chicken until golden brown  and set aside.
  • Fry your diced ripe plantains until gilden brown and set aside. I like to shallow fry my plantains in vegetable oil
  • In a Skewer fry your onion and add diced tomatoes and fry properly for 7 mins  until  dry.
  • Add diced carrot and fry
  • Marinate with ginger garlic and salt and stir priperly .
  • Add green vegetables plantains and chicken
  • Pour into your piulet DG tgat small chicken stock kept aside and allow to simmer for 5 mins
  • Place in capsicums the last 3 mins so as not to over cook them.
  • Allow to cold down for 5 mins.
  • Serve with some fresh slicees of French baguettes

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