Chocolate ganache frosting recipe

Chocolate ganache is an amazing concoction of chocolate goodness bakers use to glaze cakes mask it to give it a beautiful touch of the topping . Nothing beats this decadent.

How think you want your chocolate ganache to be depends solely on you. It’s just one of my favourite frostings.

It is very easy to make and requires just 2 regredients to make it whole and before you even blink your eyes it will be ready in just 5 mins.


  • Diced , broken or chopped chocolate
  • 1 cup of thickened creamm


  1. Heat your heavy thickened cream on a medium heat until it comes to a boiling point.
  2. Remove cream from heat and pour chocolate into it and stir thoroughlt
  3. Now you must allow your ganache to cool down completly before pouring over your cake.
  4. The secret about chocolate cake is that the longer you allow it to cold , the thicker it will set.
  5. You can actually just let it flow when you pour over your cake. It will give your cake frosting smooth and velvet.
  6. If you want it abit lighter then add either add more cream and less chocolate


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  1. mistimaan says:

    Nice recipe


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