I Bake Cakes For My friends

I love eating my own cake . Baking to me is something which is intensely satisfying. I love the eating part , the baking and the decorative part of the whole deal. If baking is not your thing then honestly you won’t be able to handle it because people who love baking really do.

I love the feeling that you get when you bake something and bring to somebody like a friend or family and they go like ” oh my Ghosh!! this cake is amazing ” When l baked my daughters friends cake and take to school , all the teachers were asking who baked the spider cake because that was very creative. I love that feeling . My fingers are like Gold , anything l touch blossom or l can transform just anything to something. That’s amazing right ! That’s what being an artsy person looks like.

I am not the best baker, but when I bake cakes they taste so delicious.

I don’t have all the baking tools but l have a handful of them. My kitchen is full of baking tools. I never stop buying them. I buy some online and l buy some in our local cake shop. I think l need a baking office in my house where l can seat and let my imagination speak for itself.

I am very imaginative person . My imagination can run really wild as far as decoration is concern. I have done so much research on baking, l have read books and watch YouTube videos. I have even attended cake lessons which have helped me to build up my skills. But it’s a continuous learning process. I am still learning.



One of the things I love about baking is the smell which is totally amazing that beautiful smell that spreads through the house.

I bake to make myself and other people happy. I bake for friends , family colleagues you name it.

with cake decoration you need both techniques and creativity. Then you need the right tools.

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