Trendy Cake Decoration

2017 / 2018 has opened the era of trendy cakes. The trends of cakes today are totally different from what it used to be . Cakes of today are bold and can definitely make a statement. You will be checking out my blog for more bold cakes which are mesmerising , beautiful and exceptionally delicious. My cake styles will be out of this planet . My inspiration for cakes are exceptional and looks more like works of arts. Yes l am an artist. I traced my path and define myself and look for my artistic niche decades ago. Yes! l breath arts, l feel and smell it everywhere l go. My works are the reflexion of my soul , my heart , my entire being. Pablo Picasso’s are found in every domain. You understand me right ! Yes l know you do.

My cakes stand tall with elegance and flair. I know how you can’t wait to see how my artistic sense unfold with different types of trendy cake designs. Stay tune as l receive orders for more trendy cakes.


Watch how transform multicoloured layers of cakes into my Babylonian wall. Click here and watch full video :



When it concerns cake decoration, sometimes l choose Swiss meringue, l can go for fondant dressing , or butter cream . My fav is the Swiss meringue which glamour has captured my very heart. It all depends on the occasion.

Did you see the royal wedding cake ? It’s simplicity stole my very heart. Simplicity is the new trend. I call the trendy cakes of today the Babylonian walls or the walls of Babylon.

Today we design different types of eatable flowers which is super cool. We decorate cakes with real edible organic roses. Waw ! What a trendy idea.

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  1. DIYMadness says:

    Wow! These cakes look delicious and BEAUTIFUL! I’m looking for cake decoration ideas and I LOVE IT!!! Wow! Also please check out my blog!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much . Feel free to copy any cake recipe you like


  2. mistimaan says:

    So yummy


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