Wild One themed birthday Cake

For the past two months, l have kept my readers in suspense. That’s not good right ! Well ! l have been behind the scene doing something very useful to myself and family to add up with the many important and nice things l already have.

When l started my blog, some of my goals were to blog at least once per week and to cook more healthy food. A blog is indeed a long term commitment, ideally you will be writing for years. Annie is back! Yes l am never gone for good. As a content creator and artist, we don’t just want to throw out anything out there. You want to give your best to your readers and viewers.

You all know how much l love baking😆, and my love for cooking is stronger than that of romeo and and Juliet 😜 .

Karla called me and asked “Annie my son will be one on Saturday can you make him a Wild one cake” l told Karla that her wish is my command. A handsome little man deserves the best birthday cake ever.

I baked a rainbow cake. Coated each step with a buttercream icing . l deep my pastry brush into a bowl of warm water and dress my cake with buttercream icing making sure l dress the entire cake with buttercream which is a suitable or best adherent of my fondant decoration.

As l keep my cake to rest , l prepare my fondant dressing which is going to polish the touch of my cake as l take my time to adhere on top of the buttercream icing. Before adhering on top of my cake, l use a rolling pin to flatten my fondant dressing to properly cover the cake. Make sure your fondant seat nicely and smoothly on your icing cake. I use my Cake eadible paint brush to colour the black triangles.

I also made some wild one cupcakes to go with the main cake. In this case my imagination did not run wild because she asked me to bake and decorate the cake exactly as it is in the picture with a lemon and vanilla flavour.

Enjoy !


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