Birthday Cake for “HIM”

Here is a birthday cake idea for that special man in your life. It can be your husband, boyfriend, dad, brother, a colleague, a dear friend your love, it can be your belove son, son in law…

It’s not always easy to choose the best design of a birthday cake for a man in your life. I will give you some ideas how to choose a birthday cake for the man in your life.

Recently, a beautiful friend of mine has been trying to choose the best birthday cake for the love of her life. She consulted the cake doctor “moi” which is of course me to talk about it.


Firstly, l asked her about personality of the man in her life, that information will aid in clearly shaping the design to fit his personality. Some men likes to drink wine others will prefer beer, some like cars and some are sport lovers, some love gadgets just like women love their shoes, flowers, makeups etc. Some men puts on face caps, some hats, their favourite colour will help you choose the colour to decorate their cake with. Some men love sport cars while others love trucks , trains and buses. You know your special man best to tell the cake decorator his taste of things. From that l can design a beautiful cake that suits his personality.



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