Unicorn Cake / Tropical Unicorn Cake

In 2016 when Jenna Rae made the first unicorn cake, bakers picked it from there and since then, unicorn cakes has been very common and comes in different designs ,shapes sizes and colours.

My unicorn Cake is very exotic , l decided to take it to the savannah. My choices of colours is typically a sub- Saharan touch.

When Ken and l where making this cake , l thought of Wendy who will always tell me that “mom let no one ever tell you that you are not enough because you are a unicorn ” smiling right now . Everyone has his unicorn. Who is your unicorn ? Your perfection , your Mr right , your wifey, your dream girl…

The unicorn we made is customised, it looks like no other just the way we are. Find your own unicorn . Spot her/ him and track her down . If you haven’t find yours it will happen with time .

The hardest part of this cake was the horn, it wasn’t easy to mould the horn with fondant. I Moulded mine and l failed, Ken tried and succeeded. He did a great job.

Let’s get started;

Author: Annuchka Queen


  • Chocolate cake
  • Vanilla flavour buttercream
  • White fondant 50 g
  • Gold lustre dust and white edible spirit
  • Nozzle heads
  • Pipping bags
  • Edible food colouring
  • Edible shimmer spray (gold)


  1. Bake chocolate cake and allow to cool completely 5 layer cake
  2. Prepare your butter cream.
  3. Place buttercream on your flat cake stand to hold your cake
  4. Place each cake layer one at a time and sandwich them with buttercream.
  5. Pipe your buttercream all around the cake and smoothness with a cake smoother. Make sure you cover all the gaps with frosting.
  6. Keep in the fridge for an hour then smooth all the imperfections.
  7. Use food colouring to colour the rest of the buttercream and pipe some beautiful roses
  8. You can make your unicorn horn and ears with fondant and paint with gold. Or you can buy ready made one.
  9. Add or insert the horn to the centre and add some ears and use edible glue to glue eyes
  10. Enjoy!


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