A Cold day inside or outside

Have you ever try to strike a balance between chilaxing and doing something useful at the same time? I am one of those people who make my immediate environment very comfortable to the extent that l can actually snuggle with a good book, good food, comfy bed, good music or just doing things that can actually make me feel busy and keeping me away from a boring lifestyle.

Know how to pamper yourself, go do your nails and pedicure or your hair out there.

If you are a very social person you can invite friends for a BBQ to eat and have a good chit- chat exchanging ideas and leaning from each other.

It’s always fun to be outside for a walk, visiting the mall, going to movies, going to the beach etc but however, there are some cold and windy days you will like to stay indoors and won’t like to go out there for whatever kind of fun.

It’s is always very important to understand you and have a good mastery of the things you like. Those cold days can actually influence our mood swings. It’s up to you to look for fun ways to uplift your spirit. Spending quality time with the people important in your life at this time can be very uplifting. You can invite your BBF for a cup of tea or coffee, you can spend quality time with your kids, husband or your love.

These are the various activities that you can benefit from as a group or as an individual. You can chill with your favourite book and a cup of tea, coffee or capuchino. You can prepare something warm and delicious and savour with your family. You can invite your BBF over to spend the night which could be a girls night in. With your husband, you can engage in a bed scrabble with some pop corn.

Baking and cooking is always a great way to go. I love baking , l baked this devilish chocolate cake for us to unwind with some hot tea and chocolate while watching a beautiful movie.

You can choose to take a road trip to a nearby city you have never visited. Make sure you have your favourite music ready to play in the car while you drive away. This is a wonderful way to escape with your family on a cold calm day. Remember life is how you make it . It can be fun if you want it to be. It can be boring if you want. Take some amazing photos to keep memories of some awesome life moments you cherish

Today l choose to spend this amazing day with my family inside. We spend sometime baking. Then settle down to savour our delicious chocolate cake with some tea and hot chocolate, giggling and watching movies. Priceless moment! Time passes so fast, don’t waist yours. Make every moment count.


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