How to present African food nicely

Food presentation is a very important part of cooking. We have variety of African cuisines and we must present them nicely. Presentation counts. The more presentable your food is, the more happy your guest and family will be. Never be too busy with only the taste of the dish, make sure you think about how you can charm or seduce the eyes of your the people you are serving. Choosing the right plate or bowl is very important. It’s a huge part of the creativity itself. Cooking is an arts and plating is a huge part of that creativity which must not be underestimated. Most liquid soups must be serve in bowls while non liquid should be serve in a plate. Some African cuisines are best presented in leaves and it looks so attractive and depicts our culture.

The size of the plate / bowl is very important. You can’t serve a very big portion of fufu in a small plate and soup in a little bowl.

Make sure your plate colours are complementary. You can’t be serving on different plates which doesn’t match with each other. Uniformity makes the food tantalising attractive and inviting.

Author: Annie Queen


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