This easy to make dinner is made with delicious marinade chicken Maryland and veggies. This great family meal is very easy to put together.

No body wants to spend hours in the chicken in the evening after a very busy day at work.

The flavours from this easy going super delicious dinner is out of this planet. The crunchiness of the chicken Maryland skin is just mouth watering.

Do you know that you can have this delicious goodness even when you invite your friends and family over during the weekend.

Prep- 10 m

Cook- 40 m

Servings 5


– 2 pealed, dice carrots

– 300 g Sebago Potatoes, peeled and diced into 1.5 cm .

-300 g sweet potatoes yellow and white, peeled & diced .

-300 pumpkin peeled and diced

-2 Parsley diced sticks

– 1 diced white onion

– Olive cooking oil

– Some salt

– 5 340 g each chicken Maryland’s

1. Preheat oven to 180 C

2. In a baking dish, placed potatoes and veggies, add spray marinate with salts , sprinkle herbs like oregano and garlic. Mix well and set aside

3. Marinate your chicken with, rosemary, salt , oregano, and some bouillon powder and keep in the fridge an hour before.

4. Cover veggies and chicken with fuel paper and bake for 10- 15mins .until veggies are cooked through looking juicy and tender

5. Now set your oven to grill mode, grill your until chicken and veggies are well grilled and cooked through, looking golden brownish colour.

6. Serve with gravy.

Enjoy your meal !


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