I’m excited to share my Cameroonian recipe for my scrumptious fish rolls with you all the way from Australia in the Gold Coast.

These tasty street treats are the perfect combination of crispy and savory, with a delicate wrapper enclosing a filling of fish. Mackerel fish is always the best for this recipe. Whether you prefer any other fish it’s up to you. You just go with the fish of your preference. In Cameroon we have enjoyed this street snacks for decades. I grow up seeing fish rolls parading our streets in the hood.

It is very common in our ghettos, this is what we have enjoyed for decades and we never get tired of it. So, let’s get rolling and bring some exotic flavor into your kitchens during this Easter season.

The name fish rolls symbolized the common fish we eat back home . Mackerel is delicious and cheap back in the days. Fried fish rolls also look golden in colour and very irresistible especially when it’s still hot or warm with its crispy touch.

Fish rolls are snacks found in West most African Countries countries. Some of the recipes are customised depending on the different African cultures but yet very similar because fish rolls must be rolled with fish filling and vegetables of your choice. In modern African restaurants Western African countries it can be served as an appetizer. Interestingly, they are nearly never served as an appetizer in Our African streets likely because serving appetizers before the main dish is uncommon in our culture . That’s very westernised, Instead, fish rolls are one of the items we buy on the streets of Africa and eat very quickly as snacks.

In this recipe, you can use some vegetables such as; carrots, leaks, spring onion, etc bean, shredded carrots. These ingredients are also the most common ingredients for various Cameroonian cuisine.

Note that the ingredients are so flexible, I would list out some of the possible variations here:

For example, you can omit vegetables you don’t like and add what you like.
I suggest you use less vegetables as fish is the Queen in this recipe. Always use fresh fish . Please don’t use dry fish like the taste would be different This is because in this recipe fresh fish are more flavorful and aromatic than dry fish
Please use fresh vegetables are belle peppers are becoming very common as a filling in modern days fish rolls especially when you are looking for more flavour. The grandma’s fish roll will consist of hot chilli.

Prep Time: 20mins.

Cook Time: 40mins.

Total Time: 1hr

Servings: 10 People


I fresh whole mackerel fish
Olive oil to fry
4 cups of plain flour
One medium-sized grated carrot
1 large Onion bulb
1 teaspoon of Garlic powder
1 tablespoonful sugar
1 cup water
100 grams margarine
1 tablespoon of baking powder
½ teaspoon salt
1 large raw egg
½ teaspoon thyme
1 seasoning cube
I crushed chilli


1) Boil your fresh mackerel fish in a pot with water and season with Maggie cube and salt. You may add some ginger and garlic powder to give it some taste and flavour.
2) After fish is boiled, drain water and
Remove all bones from fish. Smashed fish fork or spoon until soft and in tiny pieces.
3) In a frying pan pour 2 tablespoons olive oil fry minced onions until translucent.
4) Stir-fry all your vegetables before adding the mashed fish, you can go ahead and add hot chilli seasoning (optional) salt and cube to taste
stir fry for 2 to 5 mins to bring out all the flavours. Place in a bowl and keep aside preferably in fridge to cold down.

In a large mixing bowl Combine 4 cups of plain flour, baking powder, sugar, and salt, then, melt your margarine and incorporate in to the mixture knead with your fingers until it resembles coarse crumbs.
Add eggs and mix eggs into the dough thoroughly, then add water little by little until you have a dough you can work with.
Let your consistency be smooth but firm. You can be achieved the preferable consistency by transferring the dough to a work surface, kneading for over 4 minutes, please don’t knead too much and then cover the dough with a cloth and letting the dough rest for 15 minutes.
Cut the dough into equal small piecesand. Roll small cuts using a rolling pin until flat , then spread your fish filling in the flat dough and roll it over tightly , use water to seal the tip by rubbing with your finger and roll tightly until it’s flat with a rolling pin, and then cut it into a rectangle.
Now, spread the fish filling evenly over the dough and roll it up tightly. Keep repreati g the same process until dough all doughs are rolled up with fish inside.
Finally, deep-fry the rolls in hot oil until they are golden brown and crispy and crunchy.
Serve and enjoy.

Bon Appétit


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  1. Manie Thomas says:

    This is awesome and thanks for your precious time in sharing this delicious recipe for fish rolls. I love ❤️ it and your presentation is spotless. I will surely find time to try it and I will love ❤️ to have it on a weekly basis. Once again, thanks so much and have a wonderful weekend.

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    1. Thanks so much for the visit Manie. I really appreciate your support and comment. May Hod bless you


  2. Bell Joe says:

    Hello Annie thanks for sharing you should move out here and make $$$$$

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