These are the easiest donuts to make. It’s very easy going especially when you don’t have lots of time in your hands. I have made them so many times and i have different methods of making this delicious goodness. I started making donuts when i was 12. I usually make them on occasions like ; my kids birthday parties, friends parties and for christmas celebrations .

 This particular  donuts is the African choice, though it’s a burrowed cuisine from the western world during the period of African colonization. It’s the favourite of most countries in Africa. I have got many donuts recipes but today i will unravel this delicious secret to you . I can go on and on with the history of this delicious goodness but not to waste your time , l will go straight to the recipe; 

Prep time : 7- 10  mins 

Cook time:  15 mins 

Total time = 22-25 mins 


  1. 150 g of butter
  2. 1 lemon zest 
  3. 40 ml of milk 
  4. 4 eggs 
  5. 500 g of self raising flour 
  6. 125 g of sugar 
  7. Salt to taste 


  • We need to mix all dry indredients fist . Flour sugar salt baking powderand salt . Sieve properly and set aside. 
  • Mix all the wet indredients; egg, milk, melted butter, lemon zest and set aside. 
  • Mix both dry and wet ingredients by pouring wet into dry bit by bit and you mix properly with your fingers or a mixer. 
  • When you get that medium consistency of not too soft and not too think then your mixture is ready to fry. 
  •  I use fingers to scoop a small portion to the oil . Be careful with your fingers not to touch the oil . It can be dangerous.
  • Make sure you turn sides of the donuts to be evenly golden brown when frying. 
  • Use a large spoon to rrmove donuts from hot oil . 
  • Keep to cold down and oil to drip in a seive holes.
  • Serve 10 people .


  • Mix sugar and butter until smooth
  • Crack 4 eggs in a bowl and mix eith milk.
  • Add lemon zest and mix .
  • Add now to your sugar and butter mixture
  • Place flour into your mixture bit by bit .
  • If mixture is too strong add some milk if too softvadd abit of flour and mix .
  • Keep doung that until you have a prrfect consostency
  • Heat vegetable oil and start  frying your donut . 
  • Use your hands in moulding the pastry and deep in hot oil. 
  • Your fingers should not be too close to the oil. (Warning) ‘watch my videos for tips.’
  • Moist your fingers in cold water after each badge of frying. 
  • Watch my video for full pracrical method. 

Click to this link to watch full video of this recipe
Enjoy!!! and thanks for watching 

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  1. Thanks so much 👍👍👌👌


  2. Anonymous says:

    Nice food


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