How to make Moana Cake

I take birthday cakes very seriously. I make birthday cakes for my friends as l had mentioned in my previous post. When my friends daughter chosed Moana as her birthday cake character, l must admit my imagination ran wild. Since l have watched some of Moanas Disney adventures,  l started to imagine how colourful her birthday cake could be. I thought of doing a fondant dressing but l couldn’t knit that with my imaginations, butter cream was not what l wanted either, l then settled for a royal icing.

I rang Tina and asked for Thalia’s favourite colours, Thalia mentioned blue and orange. I started thinking outside of the birthday cake box; I thought of the combination of Cinderella blue and royal orange . That is going to give a visually appealing effect and very easy to put together. Besides that, Moana is from the Oceania and the ocean is blue and the sky is bright in the Oceania as bright as the earth as bright as royal orange. So l had no issues to put Thalia’s fav colours and theme together.

This cake is exquisite and very easy to put together, especially if you have the colours, the characters and the idea behind the characters story.

The icing is my best part l used 2 pots of icing sugar and the consistency of the mixture was exactly what l wanted . I make two batches at a time and divided each batch into two different colours.

The “wow effect” from the celebrant and her guess encourages me to continue making wonderful cakes for my friends and family.

The Moana figurings made the cake fabulous. I added cupcakes to accompany the main cake.

When you choose your birthday theme and colour , make sure your birthday invitation is a part of your theme and colour, the cake , the celebrant dress, the table cloth, the plates, table napkins and cutleries. The music Should also be a part of the theme.

Let me know your how you will like your birthday cake to look like. Let your imagination wonder and go wild . Let me know the type of birthday cake you will like to choose for yourself.

Enjoy !!

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